Body Image Awareness


Body image. What is body image you may ask? Body image is an idea about how one’s self looks that is influenced by the media, social ideals, and familial ideals. The media often portrays an unrealistic body image as the ideal women creating a negative body image in many people.

The statistics are frightening.

  • About 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and use dieting as a way to try and alter their body type.
  • The average female model shown as the “ideal women” is about 13-19% below healthy weight.
  • Only 5% of women have the ideal body as portrayed by the media.
  • 59% of girls live each day unsatisfied with their body and media messaging re-emphasizes an unrealistic image.

How can we change this?

The more people who are aware of this issue then there are more people who can start the change. The more people who are host and are involved in speaking engagements and workshops, the greater the reach of the message. If more people promote a positive and realistic body image then eventually a social change about body image will occur.

Want to help create change?

Learn more by visiting organization’s websites who support the cause and promote a positive body image.

Adios Barbie

NOW Foundation

About Face

Girl Scouts of America

Visit for more information.

Together we can create change.


Things I wish I had more time for

  1. Crafts: I love arts and crafts. Making cards from cardstock paper and holiday decorations are a blast. I also have a secret love for glitter and incorporate it into craft projects whenever possible.
  2. Knitting: I learned how to knit when I was younger from my Ouma. Since then it has been a fun activity to fill up extra time I have. It also works very nicely for Christmas presents for friends and family members. I have made people scarves and head warmer headbands for presents and am working on perfecting hats.
  3. Board Games: I have always loved playing board games. My family used to play a lot when I was younger and now we just don’t have as much time to play. It probably doesn’t help that one of my favorites is Monopoly, considering it takes like five hours each time.
  4. My Dog: I miss my dog all the time while I am at school. I wish I could take more time to play with her and have her pretend to enjoy cuddling with me. While I am home, luckily I have all the time in the world to play with her.
  5. Playing Wii: I have a Wii at school and only get to play a little bit. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up or anything but I just don’t seem to play that much. I love playing Wii because it gets me up and moving or I can play a game where I can sit. It is interactive and entertaining. One of my favorite Wii games is Wheel of Fortune. I like to play with my mom; it is like being on the show in our living room.
  6. Outdoor Adventures: I really enjoy going outside for new adventures. It can be hiking, exploring a forest, walking, running around a lake, riding bikes, or going zip lining. I like trying new things like zip lining or high ropes courses. It is always nice to get some fresh air and get active outside. A few summers ago my parents and I went once a month somewhere new to have a fun outdoor adventure. I wish I had more time to do these types of activities during winter and the school year.


A day of Friends

I blogged earlier about how Friends was my all time favorite TV show. I am lucky enough to have all ten seasons of Friends on DVD so I can watch them whenever I would like. I have been slowly making my way through all the seasons in order. I have seen many of the episodes before but am re-watching it all from the very beginning to the very end.

I am lucky enough to have a final paper due for a class where I can write about any TV show, commercial, or advertising I would like. So, of course, I am going to write about Friends. I am currently in the process of watching the 6th season so I can write about it for my final paper.

Some may say that this isn’t fair, why should she be so lucky to watch my favorite TV show for my final paper? I am so lucky because I am lucky. My logical is great. This semester has been great for me, I have great classes and amazing professors who give me the opportunity to write and complete projects about things that are interesting to me and I actually want to learn and write about.

So please excuse me while I watch countless hours of Friends and invest all my thoughts and time into six TV characters lives. Season six here I come.

Things I don’t understand about shopping

Why does it seem to be that when you need something, say jeans or a sweater of a certain type, you can’t seem to find it anywhere. There are bunches and bunches of stores in the mall but you can’t seem to find what you want to buy. But on the other hand, when you don’t need anything and you are just window shopping or looking around you find bunches of things that you want to buy.

Yesterday I went with my mother in search of a sweater. Now usually I am not too picky with clothing items, I am open to different patterns and styles and such. This time though I really wanted a long sleeved sweater that was thick enough to keep me warm and open in the front. No buttons, zippers, clasps, just open. Yeah that wasn’t a thing.

Everyone I found was either weirdly colored, had a funky pattern, itchy, too short, had a weird ruffle that made me look short, or oddly shaped.  My mom and I were so surprised because it is fall/winter. Why wouldn’t we be able to find a sweater like this? Great question.

We spent hours finding other clothing I didn’t particularly need. It wasn’t until we saw a woman leaving a store we normally don’t go into, she was wearing the perfect sweater. Naturally we thought to chase after her and ask her where she bought it but decided that was too creepy. Instead we went into the store and found the last sweater they had just like hers.

It was a shopping miracle. My mom and I had to laugh when we found out that the woman we saw worked there. It was like the best advertising we have ever seen.

High Speed Internet

I have lived many of the past years of my life at home without high speed internet. This has made for interesting summer and winter breaks, trying to work on homework and check emails. My family would create a mobile hotspot with our phones or use a little hotspot creator for internet. Of course before this we had some good old dialup internet which made us all insane.

I returned home for Thanksgiving break expecting the same old run-around to get internet and I was prepared for slow speeds and needing a great deal of patience. To my surprise, my parents had sneakily lied to me and got high speed internet right before I got home. My dad was like a proud papa when he spilled the beans that we had high speed.

Since I have been home my level of impatience involving the internet speed has been non-existent. I can check Facebook, Twitter, my email, do homework, blog, watch YouTube videos, and stream music. I have lived a deprived internet life at home and now I don’t have to.

I know that all my excitement might seem ridiculous to some of you. But once you have gone from high speed internet to slow terrible internet you will understand. It is a rough transition and hard to do over and over. Lucky for me those days are over. My family has joined the new generation and have high speed internet. Welcome to the internet family, we are glad to be here.


Thanksgiving break is fast approaching and I am already thinking about the delicious foods. My family isn’t particularly large and we don’t have a bunch of long standing traditions. However each year we eat a meal together, it usually includes turkey.

Since my sister and her husband are busy with marching band duties they miss Thanksgiving almost every year. This means it is usually my parents and I, Grandma and Ouma, and sometimes my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.

This year we will have a few more extended family members at dinner. We are all eating at my Grandma’s house. She has a nice warm fireplace and the comfiest couches. I am very excited to not only see my family but also spend time with them. Also, having amazing food cooked for me will be a nice change of pace from cooking for myself.

One tradition that my family does uphold each year is watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation every Thanksgiving night. We have all seen this movie enough times to quote almost every line but we watch it together every year. In a way it is an official acknowledgement that Christmas is coming.

One thing I miss from childhood Thanksgivings is making little crafts in school to decorate the table with. My Mom has saved some of the crafts I have made including miniature flower pots turned upside with feathers and googly eyes glued on them. We have a few sets of these flower pot turkeys. My Mom often puts them out on the table as decoration and we have a good chuckle about how poorly I glued them together.

I can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving and spend time with my family and eat some great food.

My Favorite Vlogger

Jenna Marbles. Enough said folks. She is the queen of vlogging.

I have been watching her videos religiously for the past two years. I have also watched all of her past videos that she made before I started watching her new ones each week. Of course I have a few favorite videos of hers.

I find a lot of her videos to be hilarious and often use them as a pick me up on bad days. It amazes me that each week that she finds something new to talk about for about 6 minutes. I also really enjoy her two dogs, Marbles and Kermit. I personally have a love for dogs so I enjoy her hilarious and ridiculously close relationship with her dogs. I have considered buying a Kermit or Marbles dog toy for my own dog.

I have not only exposed many other people I know to Jenna Marbles but I have also learned many new ridiculous faces from her. I have taken screenshots of weird faces she makes in the middle of videos and sent them to friends to bring smiles to their faces.

It amazes me that she gained such popularity and has so many people that follow her every move religiously. They re-tweet, comment, tweet at, like posts, and make photo shopped pictures of her and her dogs and everything she posts.

In case you haven’t seen any of her videos I will tell you a few of my favorites and links to the videos.

The one she is Justin Beiber in

The one with “The Face”

Photo Booth Tag

Pumpkin Carving with Miley Cyrus

White Girls at the Club

Snooki’s Confessions