Sangria Grille

My favorite place to eat while at school is Sangria Grille in Moscow Idaho. It is a Peruvian restaurant with a vast menu and vegetarian and gluten free options. Not only do I enjoy the food but the atmosphere and people working at the restaurant make it a dining experience.

The décor is warm and inviting with a fireplace in the corner and mood lighting that shifts from afternoon to evening. Most of the people working there are students at either Washington State University or at University of Idaho and are personable and entertaining. The staff also has a lot of knowledge about the menu and all of the specials.

My favorite part of Sangria is the food. I have had several different meals there however I think I have perfected my food order. I like to go and get appetizers and dessert. If I go with a friend or family we get a variety of appetizers which we spilt them. My favorite is the sweet corn humitas. I could literally eat them every day for the rest of my life.

Next is dessert. I personally love chocolate. This being the case I am a lover of the chocolate mousse pots de crème. It is a layering of milk chocolate crème, dark chocolate truffle mousse and the most amazing and fresh whipped cream. My family has tried some of the other desserts and really enjoyed them. I personally can’t bring myself to order any other dessert than the chocolate mousse pots de crème because I love it every time I have it.

Sangria Grille is a little pricey for the average college student however it is worth saving up a little bit to splurge on a nice meal. It is also great for when parents come to visit however it does get busy so plan ahead and make reservations.


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